Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mission statement of Coalition for Responsible Student Expression

Here is the full text of the mission statement of the Coalition for Responsible Student Expression. The coalition is supporting the passage of Senate Bill 6449, the senate incarnation of a student free expression bill:

"The Washington Coalition for Responsible Student Expression believes that student journalists should strive for accuracy, fairness and balance in order to achieve and maintain credibility and to bring to the public, as Walter Lippmann said, “a view of reality upon which the citizen can act.”

"Student journalists also must be responsible to the laws that govern the press – such as libel, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement and obscenity – and should strive to maintain the highest standards of journalistic ethics. Also, their work must not materially and substantially disrupt the school day.

"At the same time, student journalists should be free of obligation to any interest other than the public’s right to know, and they should be accountable to their readers, listeners, or viewers.

"A free student press reflects the intellectual health of a vibrant, dynamic school. It helps create a respect for diversity, provides a voice for students, and establishes a link between students and school officials.

"This coalition of concerned organizations and individuals support the First Amendment rights of student journalists and a strong, robust student press, not only in Washington state but across the nation."

Members of the coalition:
  • Allied Daily Newspapers of Washington
  • American Civil Liberties Union of Washington
  • Association for Women in Communications – Seattle Professional Chapter
  • Dow Jones Newspaper Fund
  • J-Ideas
  • Journalism Education Association
  • Kent State University Center for Scholastic Journalism
  • Poynter Institute for Media Studies
  • Society of Professional Journalists – Western Washington Professional Chapter
  • Student Press Law Center
  • University of Washington – Department of Communication
  • Washington Community College Journalism Association
  • Washington Journalism Education Association
  • Washington News Council
  • Washington Newspaper Publishers Association
  • Washington Student Lobby

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