Monday, April 07, 2008

A challenge from the state of California

Many of you out there have received the free help of the Student Press Law Center at one time or another. WJEA supports this awesome organization with a $500 donation each year, but this year, we've been challenged to raise the bar.

California's state student journalism organization has pledged $2,000 to the SPLC, and is challenging other states, including Washington, to best that figure.

A couple of WJEA members already have pledged support, and we're asking if you'd consider doing the same. If you'd like to make a pledge -- no matter how small -- you can either e-mail WJEA president Kathy Schrier with the amount and she'll send you an invoice, or you can make a direct pledge and donation online via this link.

California is a much bigger state, but wouldn't it be awesome if we could show up to Anaheim with a big check for our important friends at the SPLC?

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