Thursday, August 23, 2007

Struggling for story ideas? Try this.

In a recent meeting I had with David Zeeck and Karen Peterson, Executive and Managing Editors of The News Tribune, I asked what they recommended for staffs who, during brainstorming, just can't seem to come up with enough story ideas.

Their responses weren't surprising. What was surprising, however, was the fact that I had never even thought about looking in these places.

They told me to contact any organization that keeps public records regarding your school. They suggested places like The University of Washington, who keeps records of how many students applied and got accepted from your school. You could use this info to do a comparison story between your school and the other schools in your district or even the other schools in the state.

They also suggested looking on On the website, there is a link to Al's Morning Meeting. The link will bring you to a column on the site with different events that are making news. It is a daily column, it also gives ideas as to how you may be able to make the ideas relevant to local audiences. Now, the column is intended for our professional media counterparts, so you may have to think a bit about how to relate them to students, but it can be done, believe me.

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