Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Everett HS student press rights trial starts Sept 4

After nearly two years, the two former editors of the Everett High School KODAK will have their day(s) in court. The case, filed against the Everett School District for infringement of First Amendment rights, will be heard in Seattle Federal District Court beginning Sept. 4. The case is being watched around the nation.

Members of WJEA will be in the courtroom and will relay the highlights via this blog spot after each days' proceedings.

For a full history of the case, the best record can be found on the Student Press Law Center site: www.splc.org. Their news archives will carry you back to the very beginning of the case, with updated stories as the case has evolved over time. Look too for related stories on Everett School District actions against the student underground publication at Jackson High School.

This court proceeding, set for the very beginning of the school year, will put the issue of student press freedom in the news once again. Please be ready, and encourage your students to be ready, to participate in the dialogue that will ensue on this important issue.

We will keep you posted in the coming weeks.

Kathy Schrier
president, WJEA

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kathy schrier said...


My original post incorrectly referred to the underground newspaper at Jackson High School; the underground paper is actually at Cascade High School.

Sorry about that!

Kathy Schrier