Saturday, February 24, 2007

A teacher looking for CTE help ...

A teacher in our state is looking for help with Career and Technical Education certification. She writes:

Has anyone found a way to get vocational certification for a high school journalism program?

Our funding is slim and getting slimmer, and I am looking for ways to keep the program going.

Lane Morgan at Nooksack Valley

I actually have my CTE certificate, but I was able to earn it because of extensive professional journalism experience before I became a teacher. Maybe there's someone out there who has their CTE certification who secured it a different way? Leave feedback on the comments below ...

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kathy schrier said...

Hi Lane,
Check with Sandy Cato at Fife High School. She may have some info on you on getting your tech certification. Her e-mail is
Also, the OSPI site has info, if you haven't found it yet. Seems like, with your background as a professional journalist, you should be able to get it with just a few classes.

Kathy Schrier