Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WJEA state conference deadline just a few days away!

Don't miss out on what is shaping to be one of the very best WJEA state conferences yet.

The event is on March 15 at Auburn High School, and is going to feature write-off competitions, a keynote from Seattle Post-Intelligencer blogger Monica Guzman, presentations by advisers and industry professionals that will give you knowledge you can take with you to make your publication immediately better, and an awards ceremony that will celebrate the accomplishments of student journalists around the state.

Still not convinced? Check out some of the presenters we've got lined up for the day:
  • Chris Pirello, podcaster extraordinaire from the University of Washington
  • Mike Sando, football writer for
  • Brian Schraum, instigator of the student press legislation in Washington and recent graduate of Washington State University
  • Kathy Schrier, WJEA president
  • Julie Simon, Graphics and Design Editor for the Seattle P-I
  • David Montesino, Assistant Managing Editor for Visuals at The News Tribune
  • Judith Endejan, lawyer for Graham and Dunn speaking on reporter privilege
  • Patrick O'Callahan, chief editorial writer for The News Tribune
  • Mike McLaughlin, desk editor at the Seattle P-I
  • Dan Hardebeck, 2007 WJEA adviser of the year from Timberline HS
  • Scott Bush, freelance designer
  • Students such as Matt Anderson, editor-in-chief of the Puyallup HS Viking Vanguard, and the editorial board of JagWire newsmagazine at Emerald Ridge HS.
  • And me! (Jeff Nusser, adviser at Wenatchee HS)
And trust me when I tell you more are on the way. What are you waiting for? Download your registration materials here. Or, if you like, you can do it all online now! Check it out at

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